Francis dressing the unfortunates

wendelGloria Collaroy


Joana de Cusa Foundation and the Franciscans Spiritist House are proud supporters of Matthew Talbot (see this link for more information –, an organisation that provides accommodation to homeless in NSW. We currently have a donation program to help them to gather men’s clothing, shoes, bed linen and blankets, new or second-handed. It is an act of goodness, so … Read More

Como faco para me tornar um espirita?

wendelGloria Collaroy

COMO FACO PARA ME TORNAR UM ESPIRITA? Embora um de seus pilares seja a Moral Cristan, o Espiritismo nao e uma religiao formal. Ele tambem tem dois pilares muito importante: a Ciencia e a Filosofia. O Espiritismo nao possui grupos ou organizacoes que o representem em sua totalidade. Nao e uma Congregacao nem uma associacao. Nao tem liturgia nem rituais. … Read More

MEDIUMSHIP- Clear your doubts!

wendelGloria Collaroy


We observe that many come to our Spiritist House and ask these questions: 1. Am I a Medium? 2. I hear voices, I see spirits, and I feel like crying for no reason, I am afraid of the dark and various other symptoms, is this medium ship? If you also have those questions, CLEAR YOUR DOUBTS by writing to us. … Read More