Joana de Cusa Foundation & Franciscans Spiritist House

Welcome to our Charitable Foundation and Spiritist House 

The Joana de Cusa Foundation Inc. was established in Sydney in 2001 to assist people with material needs through donation and charity campaigns. The Franciscans Spiritist House aims to assist with spiritual and moral charity, embracing all with love, without distinction of race, creed, color or culture, because we are all children of the same ‘Father’, the same Creator.
Since it’s inception, our house has been offering the study of the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine through group reading discussions, debates, lectures and courses. We also promote charitable events like monthly lunches, movie sessions, picnics and more.

The Joana de Cusa Foundation is maintained by the donations of people that are sensible to the cause of disseminating the Spiritist Doctrine as well as to help those less fortunate, consequently contributing towards a better world. We must say that it is through persistence and hard work that we maintain the door of this home of love open, as the obstacles are many. Our lunches and other events which depends on the work of volunteers and the donations of special people, hasn’t on many occasions raised enough to cover even a small portion of the monthly fixed expenses such as rent, electricity bills, insurance and daily supplies.

Would you like to be part of this work of Love? You can help by becoming one of our volunteers or donating any amount through our Bank account:

Joana de Cusa Foundation Inc.
BSB 032057
ACCOUNT N. 151 383